Delta Employment has made it easy for people to find interesting / flexible employment opportunities and for companies to recruit staff with the skills and experience they need, giving due consideration to cost and timing. We are not here only to assist job seekers in finding a job, but to create a doorway for new and exciting opportunities! Delta works with wide range of projects from temporary/permanent to direct hire, with varying degree of skill (i.e. office administration, information technology, production, assembly, driving and logistics). For the skilled/unskilled employment seekers, we provide a platform of numerous opportunities to excel and prosper, while making use of their abilities and talent.

Delta Employment works, hand in hand with its clients. Talent management is the key in finding the most suitable employee for a specific job, and that is exactly what we use. While giving utmost consideration to quality, punctuality and cost factors, we ensure that clients are being benefited with our customized programs. Delta Employment can offer services for selection of permanent staff on reasonably economical terms. Our professional consultants personally interview candidates or there can be arrangements of private interviewing facilities for clients on request. For the given purpose, advertising can be done on the client’s behalf and we also offer a confidential pre-selection service, saving you considerable time and expense.

Delta Employment is familiar with the demographics of the local area. By obtaining detailed information on client’s requirements and using proper selection procedures, including reference checks and skills testing where appropriate, we ensure our candidates are qualified and suitable. Our fast, friendly and personalized service is cost effective and easy.